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Building a home has always been a life decision, an investment which commits your economic forces for years and must create security and happiness for the future. 

Today, building a home also means confronting new opportunities and needs.

The environment, above all, with a new awareness which is reflected in increasingly stringent regulations.
Efficiency coming next, with innovative materials and technologies for reducing building times and reducing costs while maintaining high quality standards.


The first innovation of a BBuilding home is in its walls: solid and ecological. And in the completely natural material:  a unique lightweight concrete reinforced with wood.
Then, in the construction procedures: not at the worksite, placed manually piece by piece, but at our premises, where each completely customized wall is fully built, with openings for doors and windows already cut.

Everything exact, all by teamwork.
Industrial construction has above all the advantage of precision. Each dimension is exact to the millimeter: calculated by computer, not the hands of the bricklayer.

Ready to live in, in just a few months
The second advantage of industrial construction is the speed, eliminating long months of waiting.  You can see  BBuilding home grow before your eyes, and in a few weeks it’s ready to welcome you.