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Building a home has always been a life decision for your clients, an investment which commits their economic forces for years. A strategic choice also for you, to assure your client the maximum benefit over time. The BBuilding Home system: an absolutely flexible, innovative method, using traditional technology, able to respond rapidly, with simplicity and precision, to the requests of your clients.

An innovative production method, simple and effective, achieved using totally ecological products which always guarantees:

  • A personalized result in every way
  • High energy performance
  • The maximum level of living comfort

The system uses an innovative material which, for its many winning characteristics, offers a series of advantages in terms of acoustic, energetic and living comfort. This is Silicawood: a special type of concrete formed by mineralized wood chips and cement. Silicawood is completely ecological and bio-compatible, allowing for the industrial production of personalized prefabricated load bearing walls.

An innovative method, a perfect collaboration.
A quick and simple method:
The designer draws up the project.
We produce the walls in the factory.
You mount them using your usual workforce and typical tools.

Advantages for the builder

  • The construction company builds the house with its own workforce
  • A specialized workforce is not necessary
  • Finishing is done with traditional methods and tools
  • Construction time is reduced by 80% (with just 3 people) compared to the traditional method, giving the possibility to manage a higher number of work sites

Everything is the same as before: no new techniques to learn or tools to buy.