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Building a home has always been a life decision for your clients, an investment which commits their economic forces for years. A strategic choice also for you, to assure your client the maximum benefit over time.

An innovative production method, simple and effective, using totally ecological products which always guarantees: 

  • a personalized result in every way
  • high energy performance
  • the maximum level of living comfort

The system uses an innovative material which, for its many winning characteristics, offers a series of advantages in terms of acoustic, energetic and living comfort. This is Silicawood: a special type of concrete formed by mineralized wood chips and cement. Silicawood is completely ecological and

bio-compatible, allowing for the industrial production

of personalized prefabricated load bearing walls.


Advantages for you, the design professional:

  • Maximum creative freedom: walls are customizable structural elements.
  • Receive the master plan from our technical office in an open file, which can be integrated into your architectural project.
  • Make a strong impact on the market : by offering an  innovative product, in line with thermal insulation regulations and without extra costs, an established, certified product  which  generates a high real estate value and appreciates with time.
  • Best satisfy your clients needs: a flexible and personalized home with zero impact, the way your client likes it.
  • Finish one worksite quickly to move on to the next.